Local elections 2022: Full list of candidates standing for Havant Borough Council

The list of candidates for the Havant Borough Council local election has been published.

By Toby Paine
Thursday, 7th April 2022, 3:46 pm

The election result will be announced on May 5 - residents will need to register before the deadline on April 14.

Residents have a choice between going to a polling station, voting by post or by a proxy vote.

Below are all of the candidates within each ward.

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Elections will take place next month


Pam Crellin - Conservative Party

Munazza Faiz - Labour Party

Reuben Mychaleckyj - Green Party

Faith Ponsonby - Liberal Democrats


Richard Brown - Labour Party

Malc Carpenter - Hampshire Independents

Jo Lowe - Liberal Democrats

Kris Tindall - Conservative Party

Carla Watt - Green Party


Liz Fairhurst - Conservative Party

Phillippa Gray - Liberal Democrat

Phillip Pearson - Labour Party


Jason Horton - Labour Party

Maria Miller - Liberal Democrats

Alex Rennie - Conservative Party

Shelley Saunders - Green Party


Neil Bowdell - Conservative Party

John Colman - Labour Party

Izzy Fletcher - Liberal Democrats

Quentin Wallace-Jones - Green Party


Richard Kennett - Conservative Party

Anne Sayer - Green Party

Claire Snowdon-Darling - Liberal Democrats

Hart Plain

Susan Arnold - Labour Party

Bruce Holman - Green Party

Gregory Pearson - Liberal Democrats

Carly Scannell - Conservative Party

Hayling East

Mark Coates - Labour Party

Wilf Forrow - Liberal Democrats

Natasha Parker - Green Party

Rosy Raines - Conservative Party

Hayling West

Sheree Earnshaw - Labour Party

Paul Gray - Liberal Democrats

Richard Lanchester - Green Party

Julie Richardson - Conservative Party


Rosie Blackburn - Green Party

Simon Hagan - Labour Party

Husky Patel - Conservative Party

Paul Tansom - Liberal Democrats

St Faiths

Jackie Branson - Conservative Party

Sandra Howells - Green Party

Annie Martin - Liberal Democrats

Phil Munday - Labour Party


Patrick Bealey - Green Party

Antonia Harrison - Liberal Democrats

David Hill - Labour Party

Sarah Milne - Conservative Party

Warren Park

Michael Bolt - Liberal Democrats

Patrick Hague Conservative Party

Peter May - Green Party

Amy Redsull - Labour Party


Owen Plunkett - Green Party

Michael Sceal - Conservative Party

Bradley Stuart-James - Liberal Democrats