Loophole means travellers evade parking charges

TRAVELLERS have angered residents by getting round overnight parking charges through a loophole.

Wednesday, 6th May 2015, 2:00 pm
CAMP Travellers at Hayling seafront

Six traveller families pitched their caravans in the Chichester Avenue car park on Hayling seafront on Friday.

Anyone parking there must buy a ticket.

But, when this was brought to their attention by an officer from Havant Borough Council over the weekend they simply uncoupled the cars from the caravans – because the bylaw does not cover caravans on their own.

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The cars towing the caravans were parked elsewhere.

It is the fourth year travellers have pitched up at the car park taking up spaces that would usually be used by tourists.

The local authority is now trying to evict them but Hayling councillor Andy Lenaghan is angry that the situation has arisen again.

He said although he does not like the idea the council may have to install a barrier.

Cllr Lenaghan added: ‘Isn’t it time we introduced something into our car parking order or some other order that unattached caravans cannot be left in the car park?

‘The public really do see this as them (the travellers) making monkeys out of us after what is now four years on the trot of regular encampments.

‘To keep saying to the public we “cannot do” is not really good enough when it should be “let’s sort something out, we can do.”

‘We are providing a holiday camp at taxpayers expense for the travellers and depriving our tax paying residents of a feel good visit to the beach that they fund through charges to park and taxes.

‘They may well be back for the next Bank Holiday as word spreads as to how powerless we are at the moment to remove them, especially as we were told three years ago new systems were in place for a speedier removal.’

The council did not respond when The News put Cllr Lenaghan’s comments to it.

But in a statement a spokeswoman said a notice to quit the side had been served and they must leave