'˜Maggie cloud' over Portsmouth stokes EU debate

Some might say that it only clouds the issue over our EU membership...

But the man who took this picture of the skies above Portsmouth says it could be a sign that we need to leave.

Phil Stevens immediately saw a likeness to Lady Thatcher – no great fan of the way in which the EU was run.

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He shared the picture with friends after chancing upon the cloud on his first visit to Portsmouth.

Mr Stevens, 37, from Merseyside, said: ‘The resemblance to Margaret Thatcher is uncanny.

‘I was sitting in my van eating my lunch when I spotted the cloud. I thought of Thatcher straightaway. It had the hair, the nose, everything. I couldn’t believe it!

‘I took a photograph of it straightaway before it had the chance to change shape and I shared it on social media. A lot of people agreed with me.

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‘I thought it was strange to see the cloud so close to the EU referendum. It was quite spooky. It’s daft but it really does look like her.

‘I’ve never been to Portsmouth before but I know it is one of the main ports leading into the UK from Europe, so it made it even stranger.’