‘Frustrated’ Fareham residents hit out against the Ministry of Defence for building a play park without any prior warning

‘FRUSTRATED’ Fareham residents have hit out against the Ministry of Defence for building a play park without any prior warning.

By Toby Paine
Friday, 25th February 2022, 4:55 am

A new play park built by the MoD at Tortworth Close in Fareham has been put on hold after local residents stated they were not consulted before construction.

Part of the responsibility of the MoD and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation is to enhance family accommodation estates, often this includes building play parks.

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The MoD play park in Tortworth Close in Fareham

Resident Sharon Parson’s home on Prinsted Walk now overlooks the partially constructed play park.

‘About two weeks ago there were some diggers out of the front green,’ she told The News.

‘It’s a big adventure play area and picnic benches have gone in and bins so I'm thinking from a homeowners perspective what the impact will be on the area.

‘I don’t know if it’s going to impact any of the residents along here in terms of property value but nobody’s been consulted at all.

The MoD play park in Tortworth Close in Fareham

‘Something of this size I would've thought that they would have spoken to Fareham Borough Council and consulted the residents.

‘The few that I've spoken to are frustrated and annoyed, some people are quite anxious, particularly my neighbour next door because the picnic table is literally 30ft from her lounge window.

‘Our houses are completely overlooked now - I'm probably going to invest in some shutters or something to make it more private.’

In response, a MOD spokesperson said: ‘Following a consultation with defence stakeholders, work commenced on a play park at Tortworth Close in Fareham.

‘Unfortunately, the necessary approvals were not obtained prior to commencing the project and work has now been placed on hold.

Work is underway to secure approvals alongside consultation with local residents.’

Fareham Borough Council said it was unaware of the play park’s construction until reports were received from local residents.

The council has established contact with the MoD and is determining the ‘best way forward.’

A message from the Editor, Mark Waldron

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