BREXIT minister Suella Fernandes said safeguards are in place to protect British fishing as the UK looks to cut ties with the European Union.

The Fareham MP insisted every effort is being made to strike a deal with the EU to give Britain more control on who can fish in its sovereign waters.

Her comments come as the area’s MEP hit out, saying he was ‘suspicious’ of the government’s approach and felt the government would ‘sell out’ the UK’s fishing trade.

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Ms Fernandes said: ‘Having met the Warsash fishermen who fish The Solent, I understand how damaging the EU’s common fisheries policy has been for their livelihoods.

‘One of the opportunities flowing from Brexit will be the UK in control of waters as an independent coastal state.

‘During the implementation period, the UK’s share of the catch will not change and the EU has agreed not to take any action that will harm the industry.

‘These are important safeguards which have been negotiated by the UK government.’

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She added once the implementation period was over, the UK would be able to decide rules, quotas and access.

However, Ukip’s Ray Finch – MEP for the south east – was not convinced.

He said: ‘Today was a show by fishermen and the local people that, frankly, they don’t trust what the government is doing.

‘The truth of the matter is they are talking about this extension and it looks very much like a sell-out.

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People are very unhappy with the fact that the present government seems to be doing its very best to give the EU everything.

‘My suspicion is that the fishing will be sold out only to get a better deal for the city of London.’