Ukrainian wife's visa rejection sees husband label Home Office '˜incompetent'

A COUPLE have labelled the Home Office '˜incompetent' after a finance document mix up led to a visa rejection.

Tuesday, 15th May 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 8:21 am
Matthew Greentree's Ukrainian wife, Hanna, has had her application for a visa rejected. He's pictured at home in front of a poster of the two of them together. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Matthew Greentree was introduced to his now wife Hanna, from the Ukraine, by a friend last year and the pair quickly became close.

Matthew from Whiteley said: ‘We bonded really well and I knew she was the one and we got married in September last year.’

The couple started to get a visa for both Hanna and her 12-year-old-daughter Melaniia.

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Matthew, 44, said: ‘We paid for an express process for Hanna so she could come back as she went home after a temporary visa ran out and we also made plans for Melaniia to attend school over here.’

Matthew, who owns his own gas and electric company, filled out the documents in January and sent them off to the Home Office.

He said: ‘We waited and after the express period had lapsed we still had not got an answer and then they told us the visa had been refused as I did not fit the financial criteria.’

Hanna, 39, said: ‘The Chief Officer decided that my husband makes £9.886 per year but all his documents confirm that he makes more than the £35,000 base limit.’

A Home Office spokesperson told The News: ‘All visa cases are carefully considered on their individual merits, in line with the immigration rules and our policy on exceptional circumstances, and are based on evidence provided by the applicant.’

After the couple questioned the ruling, the Home Office has since accepted responsibility for the error.

An email to the Greentrees from a government’s visa department email address read: ‘I apologise for the error regarding the calculation of your husband’s income in the first version you received.

‘In light of this we have reviewed all of the supporting documents and have made a fresh decision.’

Hanna said: ‘I think it is not professional to make a mistake on a first place.

‘The Home Office is a very important department in the country, they have to protect their citizens from illegal immigrants but not create problems for their tax payers.’

Matthew added: ‘I think they are incompetent which is definitely a concern and they have put our lives on hold.’

The Home Office are still refusing Hanna and her daughter’s visa application on grounds mandatory financial documentation has not been provided.

Matthew said: ‘We have provided everything but because I am self-employed they don’t seem to understand some of the money I earn stays in the company accounts and now we are having to appeal the decision which is skyrocketing costs even further.

‘I feel extremely angry towards the government – we seem to be victims of a flawed system.’