UPDATE 7.10am: '˜Portsmouth has roared like a lion' as Britain votes to leave the EU

Britain has voted to leave the UK

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24th June 2016, 7:39 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:58 pm
Joy in Portsmouth as Brexit campaigners celebrate a victory in the EU referendum vote
Joy in Portsmouth as Brexit campaigners celebrate a victory in the EU referendum vote

The official result was declared this morning after a night of EU referendum drama.

Official figures showed that despite predictions of a Remain victory last night, 52 per cent (16.8m) people backed Brexit and that Great Britain is now leaving the EU after 43 years.

In Portsmouth a total of 58 per cent of people (57,336) voted to leave the union compared to 42 per cent backing to remain (41,384). The turnout was 70.3 per cent.

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It comes after landslide victories were recorded for Brexit in Gosport, Fareham and Havant.



Havant: *Leave – 62.3 per cent (44,047), Remain – 37.6 per cent (26,582). Turnout 74.1 per cent.

Havant reaction here


Portsmouth: *Leave – 58 per cent (57,336), Remain – 42 per cent (41,384). Turnout 70.3 per cent.

Portsmouth reaction here


Fareham: *Leave – 55 per cent (39,525), Remain – 45 per cent (32,210). Turnout 79.6 per cent.

Fareham reaction here


Gosport: *Leave - 63.9 per cent (29,456), Remain – 36.1 per cent (16,671). Turnout 73.5 per cent.

Gosport reaction here


East Hampshire: *Remain – 50.5 per cent (37,346), Leave – 49.5 per cent (36,576). Turnout 81.6 per cent.

Chichester: *Leave – 50.9 per cent (36,326), Remain – 49.1 per cent (35,011). Turnout 77.8 per cent.

Winchester: *Remain – 58.9 per cent (42,878), Leave – 41.1 per cent (29,886). Turnout 81.2 per cent.

South east region (announced in Southampton): Leave – 51.8 per cent, Remain – 48.2 per cent.

National results (announced in Manchester): Leave – 51.9 per cent (17.4m votes), Remain – 48.1 per cent (16.1m votes).

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Portsmouth City Council leader Cllr Donna Jones said: ‘I have never been more proud of the city of Portsmouth as I am today.

‘Portsmouth roared like a lion on June 23 in one of the most historic votes the city has ever seen.’

Elsewhere in Gosport the turnout was 73.5 per cent with 63.9 per cent of people (29,456) backing Brexit to just 36.1 per cent for Remain (16,671).

The revelation has disappointed Gosport Borough Council’s leader, councillor Mark Hook.

‘This has been a disappointment,’ said the Remain campaigner.

‘I think people have voted on one basis, whether that’s the economic argument or the immigration one rather than looking at it overall and the impact it could have in Britain.

‘But I am a great believer of democracy. At the end of the day the people of Britain will speak of what they want and I know the government will honour that decision.’

In Havant a total of 62.3 per cent of people (44,047) voted in favour of leaving the EU in yesterday’s referendum, compared to just 37.6 per cent (26,582) to remain.

Havant’s MP Alan Mak – who backed the Remain campaign – was disappointed about his campaign’s loss but stressed it was still to early to tell what impact this result would have on a national stage.

It comes after Fareham revealed it wanted to leave the EU.

A total of 71,772 votes – a turnout of 79.6 per cent – were with 39,525 (55 per cent) voting to leave compared to 32,210 to remain (45 per cent).

Fareham Suella Fernandes, who backs the Brexit leave campaign, was jubilant with the result.

She said: ‘It’s an record-breaking turnout in Fareham in favour of leaving the European Union which gives this result real legitimacy and validity.

‘I think that with the number of votes casts and the overall result it shows the people of Fareham feel strongly about the problems in the EU.’

Chichester voters have also backed Brexit – albeit marginally. But East Hampshire voted to stay in the EU.

Calls have now been made for Prime Minster David Cameron to resign – despite the pleas of 80 Tory Brexit-backing MPs urging for him to remain the nation’s leader.