WATCH: Hundreds of Pro-Palestine demonstrators march across Portsmouth calling Israel-Gaza for ceasefire

Hundreds of people marched across Portsmouth to show solidarity for Palestine as mass demonstrations are held nationally.

Protestors were out in force at Victoria Park yesterday and called for an immediate ceasefire as they marched into Commercial Road. The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been raging for weeks, with little signs of slowing down.

Pressure is being put on the UK government to take steps to try and bring the atrocities to an end. A heavy police presence was deployed to monitor the demonstrations.

Habiba, one of the demonstrators, said: “We’re here to protest against the Israel and Gaza conflict to fight for the ceasefire and end the siege that is currently occurring in Gaza. We want the killing of Palestinian people to end and we want humanitarian aid to be allowed to reach people in Gaza.

"We want the government and the people of the UK to see that Palestinians need our help and we will be their voice if others turn their back on them.”

Zachery, another protestor, added: “I feel the media is really ignoring what is by any other name a series of war crimes being perpetrated by the Israeli government. It is undeniable.

“What Hamas did at the beginning of October is abhorrent, but it does not justify the reprisals by the Israeli government, who have already been oppressing the Palestinian people for generations at this point. I would like this to make some difference and for the public to wake up to what is going on, and fully acknowledge the extent of which the UK and US government is supporting rather than condemning what is happening to the Palestinian people.”

Similar protests were held nationally with 10 taking place in London alone. Protestors held sit-in demonstrations at major railway stations despite increased policing across the transport network.

British Transport Police (BTP) issued Section 14a orders prohibiting protests on Saturday at many of London’s main rail stations from 10am to 11pm, but the force reported several demonstrations later in the afternoon. The force said they made five arrests in the capital.

Fareham MP Suella Braverman, who was recently sacked from her role as home secretary, told the Mail on Sunday that Rishi Sunak lacked the “moral leadership” to deal with pro-Palestinian marches, describing them as “mobs”.