Portsmouth residents draw up plan to stop new homes being built

NEIGHBOURHOOD planners united to display their proposals for the future of the area at Milton Community Hall last weekend.

Monday, 5th March 2018, 5:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 5:44 pm
STRATEGY Some members of the Milton Neighbourhood Planning Committee, l-r, Pam Pritchard, Ben Dowling, Paul Docking, Rod Bailey and Paul Pritchard

Recognised by Portsmouth City Council, the Milton Neighbourhood Plan is the only strategy to be drawn up by a group of city residents, separate to the Local Plan.

The Milton Neighbourhood Planning Forum committee has been working on a plan for a meaningful and sustainable future for the people of Milton.

In the community centre, the team’s plans were laid out in maps, strategies and environmental plans, with suggestions for developments at two major sites.

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Between midday and 5pm on Saturday, residents were invited to review the plans and leave comments.

Committee member Paul Docking said: ‘The council are looking at St James’ Hospital and the university buildings in Milton.

‘Knocking these down and putting in more housing will increase traffic in an already congested area, so we’re recommending reusing and enhancing the facilities we already have.

‘We don’t have a secondary school in the area. We also don’t have a GP surgery.

‘We want the council to use the vacant buildings for something the area really needs.’

On Thursday, the team will collate the comments left at the hall and modify their plan to meet the needs of the community.

Paul added: ‘We want to know what people want to see on these plots.

‘Once we collate that information, we can amend our plan to meet the needs of the people.

‘The majority of people who live in this area are elderly people. We need to accommodate them’

Rod Bailey, chairman of the forum, said he was pleased with the outcome.

‘It’s not just about enhancing the buildings that we already have, it’s about keeping a sustainable future for Milton. Building cycle paths around the area, protecting the environment, it’s all part of our plan and it’s what the people of Milton want.’

Resident Hilary Smith said: ‘There is one bus from Milton to the QA Hospital. We don’t have a surgery here. One bus an hour, which isn’t reliable, is not sustainable. We don’t want more housing, We want the provisions we deserve.’