Royal Navy names new frigate HMS Cardiff

DEFENCE Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced the name of one of the new Type 26 warships as HMS Cardiff.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 8:30 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 9:34 pm

The third to be named in the City-class of eight brand new, cutting-edge, anti-submarine warfare frigates, Cardiff will one day protect Portsmouth-based aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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Mr Williamson said: ‘HMS Cardiff will be a terrific tribute to Wales and its capital city. She will bolster the United Kingdom’s defences across the seven seas – protecting our aircraft carriers and defending our waters from intensifying threats.

The last HMS Cardiff, a Type 42 destroyer, had a distinguished career, operating in the Falklands Wars in 1982, the 1991 Gulf War and service in the Adriatic during the 1999 crisis in Kosovo.

The new HMS Cardiff is set to enter service in the 2020s and, along with her fellow Type 26 frigates, delivering high-end warfighting wherever it is needed, while protecting the UK’s interests as well as Britain’s nuclear submarines.