STEVE POWER: Mountain water gets my goat!

I bought a bottle of water the other day, and they made a big thing about it being from some mountain spring, like I'm supposed to be impressed because the water has run down the side of a mountain.

Tuesday, 28th June 2016, 2:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 28th June 2016, 3:48 pm
Now, correct me if Im wrong, but goats live on mountainsides and we all know what goats do.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but goats live on mountainsides and we all know what goats do.

How is that supposed to be healthy?

Water running down a mountain with goats’ doings all over it!

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And this made me think. Why can’t we buy bottled rainwater?

Why aren’t there places just bottling rainwater and selling it to us direct?

You could call it some trendy name like ‘Cloudburst’, or something like that. It comes from the natural source of clouds and it hasn’t come into contact with any mucky rivers or mountains. And yet, no-one sells us rainwater. I reckon I’m on to a winner here. Get me the producers of Dragon’s Den.

n I went to buy a birthday card for someone the other day. The card came with one of those ‘card protectors’, which is basically, just a bit of card with the words ‘card protector’ written on it that you put inside the envelope to stop the card your sending getting damaged in the post.

If the card protector is just a bit of card, like the card is, then do you need to send it with a card protector as well? The card protector seems like a really bad idea, because if your friend gets the card with a card protector through the post, then it feels like there is something really substantial inside the envelope, like tickets to something, or a voucher. But in reality, it’s just another bit of card.

They’ll be gutted.

Basically, if you’re buying someone a birthday card that’s so flimsy that it needs to be protected when you put it through the post, then you really shouldn’t bother, should you?