Bank holiday barbecues cause two blazes

THE potential dangers of barbecues were highlighted by two fires.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, 6:00 am

A crew from Southsea fire station tackled a burning shed in Aylesbury Road, Fratton.

A spokesman for Hampshire Fire and Rescue service said: ‘A lady was trying to start a barbecue and left it unattended.

‘The fire spread to her 
washing line and then her shed.’

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Firefighters arrived at 7.20pm on Sunday and put out the blaze within minutes.

Later that shift Southsea firefighters went to another blaze in St Augustine Road, Southsea.

A spokesman for the fire service said: ‘It was a fire in a lean-to at the back of the property.

‘There was heavy smoke-logging throughout the property.

‘The barbecue had been left smouldering against the lean-to.’

Firefighters arrived at 1am yesterday and put out the blaze.

The safety advice from firefighters is always keep barbecues well away from sheds, trees, shrubs, or lines of clothes.

A barbecue should never be left unattended.

And a bucket of water or sand should be kept nearby for emergencies.