Dad who evaded roadside drugs test on Gregg's sausage roll run gets four points Â

 A FATHER has racked up four points on his driving licence after dodging a roadside drugs test on his way to buy a sausage roll.Â

Friday, 6th July 2018, 11:02 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:40 pm
Louis Dalby outside Portsmouth Magistrates Court

Louis Dalby, 33, refused to follow the instructions of officers when he was pulled over in Havant for an issue with his brake light on January 6. 

As he appeared before magistrates in Portsmouth on Tuesday, Graham Heath, prosecuting, told how Dalby had walked away from police who asked for a full test after an early saliva sample found a trace of cannabis. 

Unrepresented, Dalby fought his own corner '“ even saying he had his youngsters with him in the car. 

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Louis Dalby outside Portsmouth Magistrates Court

He said: '˜I was with my children at the time and I did not think it was right [the test]. I did not run off, I walked away. 

'˜If I had gone back, I probably could have taken it and I would've been absolutely fine.

'˜But I had my children with me and the officer tried to grab me and my keys.' 

Maintaining the cannabis his saliva indicated was consumed '˜the day before', Dalby added: '˜I was driving my little girl to Gregg's after dance to get her a sausage roll. She loves them.' 

While he dodged a ban, Dalby's offence was also recorded as a result of Hampshire Police's summer crackdown. 

The initiative, which began in June, will continue until July 14. 

On top of the four points on his licence, chairman of the bench Barry Audus also gave Dalby, of Ibsley Grove, hefty costs to pay up after his offence.

 He must now pay combined legal fees of £195 by July 31.