'˜Intense' Portsmouth fire sets three vehicles ablaze

A FIRE that broke out in a Portsmouth street early this morning saw three vehicles caught up in the blaze.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 10:56 am
Updated Thursday, 26th July 2018, 11:04 am
A fire broke out in Salisbury Road earlier this morning. Picture: Supplied

A low-loader in Salisbury Road, Cosham, caught fire just after 5am, engulfing the car on the back of the lorry as well as another car parked nearby.

One local resident, who wished to be unnamed, described the '˜intense' fire as it broke out.

They said: '˜There was a car horn going off early in the morning '“ after a while I thought something had happened.

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'˜I looked out of my window and the vehicle was ablaze outside out house.

'˜It didn't last for too long thanks to the fire brigade, but it was a very intense fire.

'˜It was quite alarming, especially when there was a loud bang after something exploded.

'˜The low-loader was what caught fire, and that spread to the car on the back '“ and it smoked up something rotten as the flames were put out.'

A spokesman from Cosham Fire Station said: '˜We were called at 5.12am this morning to a vehicle fire.

'˜It turned out that there were three vehicles involved; there was a car on the back of a low-loader and another parked close to it.

'˜It was quite an intense fire but we dealt with it with one appliance and there were no injuries.'