'˜I've no faith in this firm who has left my family unsafe' says angry dad from Havant

A SOON-TO-BE father of two from has been left '˜fuming' after his bathroom flooded again following reporting a multitude of issues three months ago.

Wayne Sweeney reported a leak ‘like a waterfall’ and his toilet falling through his ceiling to his housing management company Guinness Partnership three months ago.

Wayne, from Havant, said: ‘It’s been 12 weeks since I reported this and it has cost me a fortune and so much time and stress.

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‘Not even a pregnant woman of 38 weeks and a disabled child has inspired Guinness to actually make my home safe and up to standard.’

The News previously reported Wayne’s story and following he was told a regional manager would come round to the house for a meeting to assess the damage.

Wayne said: ‘He came round and accepted damages and liability and saw with his own eyes water leaking out the new toilet and the floor hadn’t been fitted right again.

The young father had previously been told the chipboard used in the bathroom was not waterproof.

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He added: ‘They have told us they will do nothing until October 16 which is the day after my baby is due.

‘I had to take my wife to the hospital because of all the stress they have caused us.’

Originally the young family was offered £50 in compensation for all the issues and Guinness started works to fix the bathroom.

Wayne added: ‘The bathroom flooded again after the regional manager came round so I had to strip the pipes and toilet myself.

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‘I rang their out of hours service and heard nothing till the next day.

‘My wife’s baby shower was due to happen at our house that day and we had to relocate to my mum’s because the bathroom flooded and stinks.’

Wayne added: ‘I have no faith in this firm who have left my family unsafe.’