'˜Something tragic will happen': Portsmouth man fears bollards are risking children's livesÂ

CONCERNS have been raised by a Portsmouth resident that bollards in his street could lead to a death.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 2:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 27th September 2018, 3:09 pm
John Brymer is concerned that the traffic measures put in by Portsmouth City Council in Perth Road are not enough to keep people safe. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

John Brymer, 48 from Perth Road, says that the street has become dangerous, with a number of near misses with cars.

This, he says, is due to the road being too narrow, coupled with the installation of bollards.

The road runs adjacent to Milton Park Primary School '“ with Mr Brymer concerned about youngsters being involved in accidents.

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Picture: Chris Moorhouse

He said: 'There have been a number of accidents and near-misses right outside my house, with cars trying to turn around in the middle of the street.

'It's at a point where I am afraid to use my front door in case there's an accident - I come out of my house through the side gate instead.

'The road was made narrower a couple of years ago and traffic calming measures were put in place, but all that has done is usher traffic further up.'

According to Mr Brymer, incidents vary from near misses as cars turn around in the street, to vehicles crashing into the bollards and others mounting the pavement.

Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Mr Brymer explained: 'People park along the pavements during the school run, and the top of our road is a complete nightmare.

'These traffic calming measures implemented by the council simply haven't worked.

'People have driven into the bollards and it's quite frightening to think about, not just for my sake but for the hundreds of children walking to and from school each day.

'If they were to stop to tie their shoelaces I fear something tragic will happen, because the drivers just won't see them.'

Pam Turton Portsmouth City Council's assistant director for transport said: 'Traffic calming measures were implemented outside Milton Park Primary School to address road safety concerns caused by inappropriate driver behaviour.

'˜Ensuring the safety of children going to and from school is a priority for the council.

'˜Following on from the concern raised, we will investigate driver behaviour in Perth Road and identify any road safety measures that can be put in place.'

But Mr Brymer remains unconvinced '“ saying that it will take a tragedy for action to be taken.

He said: 'The council says it's all in hand but I think we will end up having a fatality on our hands if nothing is done.

'I think that's what it would take for them to reconsider the scenario we're facing.'