Here are the areas you are banned from having barbecues on Southsea’s seafront

YOU might think you can take a barbecue down to Southsea seafront and set-up anywhere –but that’s not the case.

Wednesday, 24th July 2019, 12:31 pm

Portsmouth City Council has designated barbecue zones in which people can set up, across the seafront and the common.

The authority’s map also shows no barbecue zones.

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There are designated barbecue zones on Southsea Common, as set out by Portsmouth City Council

You can have a barbecue in a large area on the common, but the side of it nearest to Southsea Castle is a red zone, as is the green near Southsea Skate Park.

Most of the areas near Clarence Pier are red zones.

A large space in between Southsea Castle and the Pyramids Centre is a safe area to set-up in.

Portsmouth City Council's barbecue zone guide for Southsea Common

There are also areas where you can and can’t have barbecues near Canoe Lake.

Areas are signposted with barbecue or no barbecue zone signs.

The council has issued the following advice:

- Make sure you’re in a barbecue zone

- Find a place away from fire risks like hedges

- Ensure you have a secure, level base

- Use a barbecue that comes with a stand

- Keep children, pets and ball games away from them

- Light them with recommended lighters, NOT petrol

- If you’re using a gas one and suspect a leak, turn it off immediately

- Cook your food thoroughly

- Bring water with you to carefully put the barbecue out