High levels of pollen in Portsmouth and Hampshire forecast this week

HAY FEVER sufferers in and around Portsmouth are set for days of discomfort as high pollen levels are predicted.

Sunday, 13th June 2021, 12:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 13th June 2021, 12:37 pm

Ambee, which measures air quality around the world and uses pollen traps to record data, is reporting high levels of pollen from grass and weeds in Portsmouth today (June 13), which is set to remain the same until at least Thursday.

Today Ambee has recorded 222 pollen grains per cubic metre (PPM) from grass in the city, as well as 113PPM from weeds, which are both considered high. And 149PPM has been recorded from trees – which is classed as a moderate level.

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High levels of pollen are predicted in the Portsmouth area. PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP via Getty Images.

On Monday levels are set to increase in Portsmouth with 277PPM from grass (high), 141PPM from weeds (high) and 187PPM from trees (moderate).

It comes as the Met Office has issued a warning for ‘very high levels’ of pollen in south east today to Tuesday and then ‘high’ levels from Wednesday.

Hay fever – also known as seasonal rhinitis – is an allergic reaction to pollen and symptoms include sneezing, coughing, a runny or blocked nose and itchy or watery eyes among others.

The pollen count in the surrounding areas is predicted to be similar to that in Portsmouth.

In Havant Ambee is reporting 228PPM (high) from grass, 116PPM (high) from weeds and 154PPM (moderate) from trees today.

On Monday it is estimated there will be 291PPM (high) from grass, 149PPM (high) from weeds and 196PPM (moderate) from trees.

In Gosport this is reported as 233PPM (high) from grass today, 119PPM (high) from weeds and 157PPM (moderate) from trees.

This will also increase on Monday to 266PPM (high) from grass, 136PPM (high) from weeds and 179PPM (moderate) from trees.

Whereas in Fareham 223PPM (high) is reported from grass today, 114PPM (high) from weeds and 150PPM (moderate) from trees.

On Monday this will rise to 259PPM (high) from grass, 132PPM (high) from weeds and 175PPM (moderate) from trees.

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