Where are these arches?

You may wonder where on earth arches such as those seen in the photograph, right, could be located in Portsmouth?

Friday, 2nd December 2016, 5:39 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 1:14 pm

In fact, they are the remains of the arches along Goldsmith Avenue, between Talbot Road and Frensham Road where the East Southsea branch line passed under the road.

To the rear can be seen carriages in the sidings.

With the closure of the branch on August 6, 1914 the line was used for storing stock for many years, but was eventually torn up and the land used for other purposes.

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The tramline along Goldsmith Avenue deviated in a reverse curve along the top of the arches and, in 1924 it was decided to do away with them and level the road.

The arches were demolished, Goldsmith Avenue lowered and levelled, and new tram tracks laid.

On February 7, 1925, with the formal ceremony which these type of things used to attract, the line was reopened with many dignitaries carried along on tram 91, which was designated a special.

The realigned road was laid to the south before the arches were completely demolished.

In the second photograph, we can see Goldsmith Avenue as it was when it ran in a reverse curve over the arches.

This photo is cropped from the more well-known view from the upstairs window of The Talbot public house. A corner of Francis Avenue can be seen to the right.