8 fun nature activities to keep children entertained during lockdown

Juggling homeschooling with keeping kids entertained during evenings and weekends in lockdown can be tricky.

With lockdown restrictions in place across the UK, venturing far may not be an option, but embracing nature and taking part in creative crafts and games may provide some much needed relief for all the family.

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Parkdean Resorts has compiled a list of a variety of fun activities that children can do to blow off steam, embrace nature and have fun - all without breaking the bank.

Go on a nature hunt

Even if it’s just in your own garden, printing out your very own scavenger hunt and searching for bugs and insects can be a fun activity for all the family.

Turn your living room into a campsite

If all of the family is yearning to be outdoors, perhaps on a camping holiday, but are restricted from doing so due to coronavirus measures, you can set up your own campsite inside.

You could pop up a small tent and gather tasty snacks as a way of bringing your camping adventure straight to your door.

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Learn about the planet with David Attenborough

If your child loves learning about all things nature, then David Attenborough has announced his own BBC education addition. Lessons are available on BBC Bitesize Daily, BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button, where the presenter will explain natural world topics including oceans and animals.

Earn a real life Blue Peter badge

If your family has always dreamed of getting a Blue Peter badge then you can get the entry level Blue Badge by sending in letters, stories and sketches, before applying for more badges.

Make some pebble art

Painting pebbles is an easy but creative task for all of the family to get involved with, and allows youngsters to experiment with a variety of colours and patterns. You can even dot them around your local walk to brighten up someone else's day.

Grow your own veg

Some vegetables can be grown outdoors or inside, and allowing children to pick the veg they want and letting them watch as it grows is a great way to keep them entertained.

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Create a fairy garden

DIY fairy gardens make for interesting sensory learning that can keep children entertained for hours.

Firstly, you need to decide your theme. This can be everything from a fairy castle to a city or woodland wonderland.

Then, gather your materials and find a nice spot to set up. Rocky areas work really well to keep everything in place and also provide different textures.

Build a bird feeder

Making a DIY bird feeder is a great way to teach your kids all about the different bird species that reside in the UK. You could even create a little checklist and tick them off as you spot them. Find inspiration for the easiest feeders to make here.