Adults have revealed the clumsy ways their mobile phones have been damaged.

Research into 2,000 adults found two thirds have broken or tarnished their beloved device at some point - with a third having done so during the past 12 months alone.

A fifth have managed to drop their mobile into the toilet, one in 10 have inadvertently driven over their device, and one in 10 said their handset broke because their dog bit it.

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Others have dropped their phone out of their car window with the vehicle in motion (12 per cent) and hammered, drilled, or got paint on their mobile during a spot of DIY (11 per cent).

While 10 per cent have also damaged their device while playing football.

World Cup winner

These findings emerged after soccer legend Roberto Carlos was invited by HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, which also commissioned the study, to see how the brand-new Nokia XR20 would fair against one of his iconic free-kicks.

And this video captures the moment the World Cup winner did just that - re-enacting his 1997 wonder strike, but this time in scorching 33-degree heat.

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Former Real Madrid star, Roberto Carlos, said: “I’ve been asked to recreate my ’97 free kick many times over the last twenty years, but never like this before, so I had to accept the challenge.

“Surely a mobile phone couldn’t survive the wrath of a football - I may not be professional anymore, but I know I still pack a punch, so it was an impressive result.”

World champion freestyle footballer, Lisa Zimouche, joined in the fun too – further putting the device to the test.

She said: “I’m used to kicking and flicking footballs, so I thought trying it with a smartphone would be tough.

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“But within seconds of seeing the set up I was so eager for the challenge.

“I’ve dropped phones before, and it’s never been a happy ending.”

The study also found 15 per cent of adults claimed every mobile phone they’ve ever owned has been damaged at some point.

Furthermore, 11 per cent admitted they tend to damage their device almost as soon as they treat themselves to a shiny new one.

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A fifth have bust their handset by spilling a drink on it and 16 per cent have overheated their mobile by leaving it out in the sun.

While 13 per cent have dropped their device when playing with their kids, and one in 10 were forced to say bye to their phone when it fell from their grasp on to a train track.

And 15 per cent went as far to say they simply cannot be trusted to keep their mobile in good condition – with one in 10 revealing they get through phones at a rate of knots.

Lost without their device

Carried out through OnePoll, the research also found 43 per cent would be ‘lost’ without their device.

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And further to this, 15 per cent said their mobile is their most cherished possession.

But for a quarter of those polled, having to replace a broken device is an expense they absolutely cannot afford.

Stephen Taylor, CMO, HMD Global said: “The average person breaks their smartphone within just 10 weeks of owning it.

“The combined expense of protective cases, repairs and warranties can add up to hundreds, leading to early device replacement.

“We built the Nokia XR20 to be extremely tough to eliminate this cost and to empower people to feel good about keeping their smartphone for longer.”

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