Aldi has made some more changes for shoppers - here’s what you need to know

Aldi has launched four additional measures to help both shoppers and suppliers amidst lockdown.

Adding to its current in store rules and social distancing measures - which include a no touch policy, floor markings, checkout safety screens and a one-adult-per-shop policy - the supermarket giant has now added four more to the list.

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What are Aldi’s additional safety measures for customers?

Face masks

The supermarket is now providing free face masks for staff to help protect them from catching the virus from each other, as well as customers.


The chain is also launching a voucher scheme to help volunteers that are aiding the vulnerable with their food shops.

The vouchers can be purchased online, and delivered free of charge.

What measures has Aldi introduced to support suppliers?

Increasing British beef orders

Additionally it is supporting certain UK suppliers by increasing the number of orders on meat produce from farmers.

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Aldi has arranged to purchase additional orders of British beef in order to help its partners who have found themselves with surplus beef, after the UK lockdown saw restaurants and catering businesses close.

Selling 200,000 flowers

Finally, the supermarket has established an agreement with a horticultural firm, in order to sell 200,000 flowers in store and online.

This will help horticultural suppliers to move their spring plants which would otherwise be disposed of due to the closure of garden centres and other non essential shops.

One such supplier, Lovania Nurseries, an Aldi supplier for over 20 years, has received an order for 200,000 Spring Perennials from the supermarket.

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What other schemes has Aldi launched during lockdown?

Since the country entered lockdown over a month ago, Aldi has also launched a box of essentials for vulnerable people who cannot shop for themselves.

Similar to other UK supermarkets, Aldi introduced priority access for emergency service workers throughout the day.

Additionally, to avoid crowding, it has been informing customers of the busiest and quietest times to visit the store with the use of a traffic light system uploaded to its website.

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