Data reveals which beaches get the least amount of rain just in time for summer

Planning a staycation this summer? Don’t let the typical British weather rain on your parade!

Brand new research from Parkdean Resorts has discovered which UK beaches get the most and least amount of rain throughout the summer and all year round!

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Not only that, but as part of the research, Parkdean has also discovered which dreamy tropical beaches abroad get even more rain than our much-loved seasides!

Botany Bay, Kent

According to Parkdean’s research, Botany Bay in Kent is the UK’s driest beach, only averaging 58 rainy days a year, 18 of which fall in the summer months of May to September.

That leaves 307 days to enjoy the summer sun! On the other hand, the research found that Maenam Beach in Thailand averages 150 rainy days, something to bear in mind when booking a staycation!

Severn Beach, Bristol

The second driest beach is Severn Beach in Bristol, with an average of 62 rainy days a year. The research found that 21 of those rainy days fall within the summer months, whereas, the UK’s rainiest beach Luskentyre Beach in Stornoway has an average of 43 rainy days alone during the summer!

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Eastbourne Beach, Eastbourne

The research found that Eastbourne Beach is the UK’s third-least rainy beach. (pictured below)

This seaside destination averages 63 rainy days a year, 19 of which fall in the summer months. In comparison, the UK’s second rainiest beach, Barmouth Beach in Wales, averages 121 rainy days every year, 58 more than Eastbourne!

Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset

The fourth driest UK beach is Kimmeridge Bay in Dorset! This holiday spot has an average of 64 rainy days a year, with 21 of those in the summer months. In comparison, the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia have an average of 139 rainy days a year, so you may not have to travel as far as you think to enjoy the sun!

Lulworth Cove, Weymouth

And finally, the fifth-least rainy UK beach is Lulworth Cove in Weymouth, with an average of 64 rainy days a year, 21 of which fall between May and September. On the other side of the world, Utila in Honduras averages 73 more rainy days (137 in total), and just a little closer to home, our very own Southport beach is the UK’s third-rainiest beach, averaging 116 rainy days each year!

You can find more information on the Parkdean Resorts website here.