Here’s why KFC is changing its ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ slogan after 64 years

The slogan will be brought back “when the time is right” (Photo: PA)The slogan will be brought back “when the time is right” (Photo: PA)
The slogan will be brought back “when the time is right” (Photo: PA)

KFC is pausing the use of its famous “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan after 64 years.

The phrase is to be temporarily blurred and pixelated on all new advertising, with the company yet to confirm when it will return.

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Why is the slogan being paused?

The fast food chain has made the decision to halt use of its slogan after admitting the message “doesn’t quite fit” amid the current coronavirus crisis. However, the well known catchphrase is only being dropped from new adverts and will remain on KFC packaging in restaurants.

The fast food chain has said the slogan be brought back “when the time is right”, but the messaging will shift in the meantime.

“Finger Lickin’ Good” has been used by KFC as its catchphrase since 1956. Back in March, the company pulled a series of TV adverts over fears it could encourage the spread of coronavirus. The adverts accumulated up to 163 complaints to the Advertising and Standards Authority (ASA).

What will the new slogan be?

KFC confirmed the temporary pause to its slogan in a new YouTube video on 24 August, which showed a montage of its packaging with the famous line blurred out.

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In the video, the company said, "That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now."

The fast food chain, which has more than 900 restaurants across the UK and Ireland, has not yet confirmed what its new slogan will be, or when its original slogan will be used properly again.

Kate Wall, head of advertising at KFC, said, “People often say that it’s the second movie that’s hardest to get right. The follow-up, the next step. And we are facing the same conundrum at the moment.

“How do you follow a slogan that’s lasted for 64 years and is as iconic as ours? Well, we know we can do it with a little help from our friends. And you’ll be hearing more from us on this soon.”