KFC reveals Eat Out to Help Out discounts as it reopens for dine-in customers

KFC has revealed its Eat Out to Help Out discounts after the scheme launched on Monday, with prices starting at just 50p.

The fast food chain signed up to the UK government’s summer restaurant scheme, which offers diners 50% off meals and non-alcoholic drinks if they dine in a participating restaurant.

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The scheme covers up to £10 per person and is available from Monday to Wednesday during the month of August.

It’s hoped the scheme will encourage more people to dine out, helping boost the hospitality industry’s profits in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

A total of 580 UK KFC restaurants offer customers the chance to dine in and these will be participating in the discount scheme - but the chain is doing things slightly differently.

Here’s what you need to know.

What discounts are KFC offering?

The fast food chain decided against cutting all of its prices by 50 per cent, and opted instead for a series of discounts on selected items for limited time periods.

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The cheapest item on the menu - two chicken wings - have been reduced to just 50p from their usual 99p, while a mini fillet burger will only cost you 75p, rather than £1.49.

Additionally a popcorn chicken meal that under normal circumstances will set you back a total of £4.29 can now be enjoyed for a mere £2.15.

You can also now get KFC's popular boneless banquet for just £3, rather than its usual prices of £5.99.

And it’s not just food that has been discounted - all non-alcoholic drinks are included in the scheme.

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So for the whole month of August from Monday to Wednesday, a Krushem will cost you only £1 instead of £1.99.

However, since several KFC's restaurants found in the UK are franchised businesses, these prices could vary depending on which branch you visit.

Which other restaurants are taking part in the scheme?

The government has launched a postcode checker to help clarify exactly which restaurants, pubs and cafes are participating in the scheme.

The discount only works for dine-in experiences, meaning no drive through only businesses can participate.

However most fast food outlets that have some form of seating are currently taking part in the scheme.

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