This is how the world's newspapers and websites reported the UK election result

Party leaders and candidates have now mostly found out their fate in the 2019 General Election.

The result at the time of writing is 363 for the Conservatives, 203 for Labour, 48 for the SNP, and 11 for the Lib Dems, with just a few more seats to be declared.

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You may have been avidly following the UK's media coverage of the vote as it unfolded, but how have the press across the world reacted to the news?

The New York Times: 'Commanding Majority'

The New York Times has a web headline of: "Conservatives Win Commanding Majority in U.K. Vote: ‘Brexit Will Happen’" along with a picture of Boris and his partner, Carrie Symonds, arriving at the vote count in Uxbridge in west London early Friday.

Le Monde: 'Historic victory'

France's Le Monde had live updates on the election on their website, with a final headline of Elections in the UK: Boris Johnson promises to achieve Brexit "in time" after his victory.

Bild: 'Now Brexit, but first Breakfast'

Picture: Bild

Germany's Bild newspaper has a section on its front page reporting on Boris and the Tory victory, saying Now Brexit, but first breakfast.

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Hide Ad 'SNP boss wants to hold Scots in the EU'

The German news site reports on the threat to the union, with a headline that translates as "Country now threatens to split: SNP boss wants to hold Scots in the EU - and rejects Johnson right'

Al Jazeera: 'no ifs, no buts'

Brexit and the Conservative majority is also the topic of Al Jazeera headline, which reports: 'UK General Election: PM Boris Johnson hails sweeping victory in general election, promises UK will leave the European Union by January 31'.

Huffpost: 'Boris Blowout'

The US edition of Huffpost states: Boris Blowout - 'Mandate for Brexit.

Washington Post: 'Boris Johnson wins majority'

The Washington Post's headline says: U.K. election: Boris Johnson wins majority, while Jeremy Corbyn says he won’t lead another general election campaign'.

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China Daily: 'Winning big'

The Chinese news site says that the Tories will now deliver a "swift Brexit".

Corriere Della Serra: 'Boris Johnson triumphs'

The Italian newspaper's headline translates as: "Boris Johnson triumphs in Great Britain: "Brexit will be held on January 31st, without ifs and buts".