You can make a DIY Tango Ice Blast at home - here's how

It's a favourite cinema treat, but fans of the super sweet Tango Ice blast have been missing out since the start of lockdown.

Now, thanks to one man's TikTok, you can make a version of the popular frozen drink at home.

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The channel, @caughtsnackin has already recreated a range of snacks and fast food - much to the delight of keen cooks at home.

The recipe

In the video, bubblegum ice lollies are used, but any ice lollies you have are fine.

Cut up the lollies and put in a blender with ice, blue food dye and your favourite flavour of Tango. In the video, Strawberry and Watermelon is used.

Blend, then pour into a glass and enjoy.

Do it yourself

DIY Tango Ice Blasts are just one of many videos that have popped up online since lockdown started, showing people getting creative at home to make their favourite snacks.

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Last month, a man posted about his take on KFC-style chicken - a recipe that had taken him 18 months to perfect. Dan Fell from Warwickshire shared a recipe he has developed, which mimics the fast food chain’s unique blend of 11 herbs and spices.

Posting on Twitter, Dan said, “I’ve cooked this a huge number of times, you get better each time.

“I’d say my strike rate for 'mate you really cannot tell the difference' is about four out of the last five times. I’ll take that.”

Dan added that the secret to success is all about having a perfect combination of ingredients, and offers this advice, “You have to have a deep fryer and you need the right mix of the herbs and spices."