Hayling Billy railway’s final ride and some real smart lads – Nostalgia

I meant to publish the photograph, right, last Thursday. It shows the last train to depart from Hayling Island on Sunday, November 3, 1963.

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019, 3:50 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th April 2019, 11:08 am
On  November 3, 1963 the final train ran to and from Hayling Island. Passengers surround the locomotive.
On November 3, 1963 the final train ran to and from Hayling Island. Passengers surround the locomotive.

It was a Locomotive Club of Great Britain Hayling Farewell Tour and was laid on for members of the club and not general service.

As can be seen, many of the passengers are crowding around the locomotive and, I am told, even asking the driver for his autograph.

The rather interesting picture of two marines, below, is from Mrs S.J. Duffy. It was found between floorboards at 32, Catisfield Road, Milton.

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Originally Found between floorboards of a house in Milton, can anyone identify these two Royal Marines?

Mr Matthews, a former resident of the house, knocked on the door to ask Mrs Duffy if she knew who lived there previously. She showed him the picture she had found but he knew nothing of the two marines. He later wrote to Mrs Duffy, who now lives in Cosham, to say that a family called Vinall lived at 32 as long ago as 1931 and still lived there in 1948.

Some real smart lads from Gosport, below. Just look at the hats. Quite superb.

Mrs M Coventry, nee Barbour, of Waterlooville, sent in the picture which shows her uncles Harold and Jack.

She would like to know more about them. Contact her on (023) 9226 8958.

Harold Ruffell (far right) and Jack Ruffell (top left) were the uncles of Mrs M. Coventry, nee Barbour, who sent the picture.

Another from Mike Smith of children in Napier Road enjoying their tea at a Coronation street party in 1953, below.

Mike is the boy to the right.

Don’t you just love the photograph, below?

The four girls are standing on a wooden walkway to allow boatmen to get to their craft, just off The Hard, Portsea. HMS Warrior 1860 would dominate this scene today.

More children at the Coronation street party in Napier Road, Southsea. Photo: Mike Smith.

One of the girls is Catherine Wicks, who sent the photograph in.

An almost impossible picture to take today. Young girls on the hardstanding alongside the Hard, Portsea.