Major Portsmouth road that has changed beyond all recognition | Nostalgia

I am sure some readers will be upset when they see these two photographs... because they show the same view.Relative newcomers to the city sometimes ask what made Portsmouth special before motorways claimed the city. Here we see the evidence.

Wednesday, 22nd January 2020, 7:53 pm
THEN: The northern end of Commercial Road, Portsmouth, about 1970. Picture: Mick Cooper collection.

The top picture is looking north along the northern end of Commercial Road with Elm Road on the immediate right. People in shelters, also on the right, appear to be conducting a traffic census.

I think I have this right... the street on the distant left was Watergate Road, with Rudmore Road – where the white car is exiting – beyond that. Between the two was the Princess Royal pub.

Southbound traffic seems to be using a northbound lane as barriers are blocking the southbound lane.

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NOW: The same location today with the former Air Balloon pub now in view. Picture: Bob Hind

The church with the white brick top is the Wesley Methodist Church and opposite is the junction with Kingston Crescent.

In the ‘today’ photograph everything has gone although a cyclist pedals by in the same place as in the old photo.

All the buildings have disappeared except the old Air Balloon pub. The M275 is where all those old buildings, some lovely, once were.