Gym 01 featherweight Bodnar saluted after professional debut victory

Brian Adams saluted Alex Bodnar after coming out of the ‘lion’s den’ with a victory on his professional debut.

By Will Rooney
Thursday, 7th March 2019, 12:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 1:55 pm
Alex Bodnar on his way to victory over Mathieu James. Picture: Marc Moggrirdge
Alex Bodnar on his way to victory over Mathieu James. Picture: Marc Moggrirdge

The featherweight defeated Mathieu James in style at Battle Arena 54 on Saturday. 

Bodnar, who trains at Fratton’s Gym 01, caused a crowd upset against the home fighter inside Warwickshire Cricket Club’s Edgbaston Stadium.

The University of Portsmouth graduate overwhelmed his opponent throughout, earning a unanimous-decision success.

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Despite Bodnar racking up a 6-2 record as an amateur, Adams at times was frustrated with his charge’s commitment during training.

But Gym 01’s head MMA coach couldn’t fault the Barnstaple-born ace’s preparation for his maiden bout in the paid ranks.

And he felt Bodnar reaped the dividends inside the cage. 

Adams said: ‘Everyone was against Alex there – from the commentators to probably the judges.

‘They didn’t even read the judges’ scores out so I can only presume maybe one of them didn’t even give the first round to him. 

‘It is what it is. Everyone was against him. The guy was a legit opponent, very big and did everything right.

‘But Alex did what he does. He is a talent when he is prepared correctly and fell foul of loses when he trained three times a week (as an amateur).

‘Some coaches may have pulled him out when he was doing that but I didn’t and pointed it out that he lost because he got tired.

‘But he did everything right in this camp. For the past seven weeks, he’s been a model student and a role model for people in the gym.

‘He’s ticked every box and I couldn’t be prouder for him.

‘To get the win in the lion’s den so dominantly was a pleasure.’

Adams has had several offers for Bodnar to make a speedy return to action.

But while the Gym 01 team are happy to face the names tabled, that might not be the case in the opposing camp. 

‘We’ve been offered a couple of opponents,’ added Adams. 

‘He has said yes but they're umming and ahing.

‘Hopefully we can get the ball rolling.’