Kudus: Let's do it again, Wheeler

BIOLA KUDUS admitted he paid for his inexperience after the first defeat of his pro career.

Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 8:00 am
Biola Kudus, left

But the Leigh Park banger is calling for a rematch with Karl Wheeler after a second-round stoppage in London on Saturday.

Kudus felt the end came prematurely after having his Peterborough rival hurt in the opening three minutes.

The 30-year-old backed up Wheeler in a to-and-fro first round which delighted the crowd at Bethnal Green’s York Hall.

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Kudus went looking for the finish in the second but paid for that as he got caught.

That saw the referee step in and wave the contest off to the cruiserweight’s frustration.

Kudus afforded his opponent credit for picking up the win but feels there is a strong case for a rematch between the pair.

He said: ‘He was hurt in the first and I gave a good account of myself in that round, that’s for sure. It felt like he was hanging on but I got a bit carried away in the second.

‘It was a bit of recklessness and inexperience.

‘I did get caught with a shot but I tripped as well.

‘I felt fine but the referee stopped it. I think most were surprised he stopped it that soon.

‘Having said that, I felt the shot but wasn’t really dazed. I did wobble but the shots weren’t really clean.

‘I understand the ref has a job to do and has to think about safety but I felt fine to continue.

‘Karl deserves credit, though. It looked like he was gone at points in the first round.

‘So credit to Karl. He’s experienced and a seasoned pro.

‘Because of the situation we want to push for a rematch.

‘Karl may want to go elsewhere but we think a rematch would be the right thing to do.

‘To do the return in Portsmouth on a show this summer would be ideal.

‘I’m going to take a bit of time out now. It’s been a hectic couple of months.

‘Then I want to regroup and get going again.’

Portsmouth trainer and promoter Michael Ballingall saw the contest unfold and had praise for the spectacle to which both boxers contributed.

Ballingall is planning to hold a Portsmouth show on July 9 – and would be more than happy to stage a rematch between the pair on that event.

He said: ‘Both boxers were in good condition and Biola trained hard for the contest.

‘Wheeler was in good condition as well and had trained well.

‘Biola could have stopped him in the first and had him in trouble.

‘What an exciting fight, though, it was for crowd. Congratulations to both men.

‘We’d be more than happy to stage a rematch this summer.’