‘Common sense and brain cells don’t really affect the FA, it’s all about money, branding and marketing’ – Moneyfields Women boss hits out after club are overlooked for promotion

Boss Karl Watson is contemplating his future in football after the hammer blow handed to Moneyfields Women.

Monday, 7th June 2021, 1:20 pm
Moneyfields' Sheree Bell-Jack, left, in action against Pompey during last Thursday's Portsmouth & District FA Women's Cup final at Westleigh Park. Picture by Dave Haines.

He is unsure whether he can continue in the sport following on from the 'ridiculous' decision not to promote his team to Women's National League level.

Watson and the club were hoping to be granted 'upward movement' as part of the FA's restructure of the women's game.

Yet, despite winning all 12 of their Southern Region Premier Division games in the past two pandemic-blighted campaigns - and the recent Subsidiary Cup - AFC Bournemouth CST were instead awarded promotion.

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Hope still remained for Moneyfields, though, and they were supposedly told promotion would still happen with a team from the Women's National League Division 1 South West applying for voluntary relegation.

But Watson was left raging when Moneys were informed they would be remaining in the Southern Region Premier Division for another season.

He now says he's finished with football - although he revealed his players are hoping he sticks around.

Watson said: 'For me, that was me done (after finding out the decision). As it stands at the moment I’m still done.

‘It’s not even about me, it’s about the players. We’ve shown our quality against a flagship team (Pompey).

‘Like I’ve said before, we’re knocking down a ground (Dover Road) superior to the one that Bournemouth play in.

‘For me at the moment, I’m done. The level of ridiculousness - I’m a very black and white person - it’s either right or it’s not.

‘This stinks so badly that, at the moment - as I've stated before - I can't see myself ever being involved in anything to do with football.

'They’ve (the FA) manipulated us for the past week. We were expecting to go up because we’ve been more successful than Bournemouth and we have better facilities etc.

‘I actually did think they would be sensible and find a way for us both to go up because Bournemouth are a very good team.

‘But common sense and brain cells don’t really affect the FA, it’s all about money, branding and marketing - the Bournemouth badge looks nicer in the league above so they’ve swung for them.'

In a week where Moneyfields put up a brave fight, only losing on penalties to two divisions higher Pompey last Thursday in the Portsmouth Division FA Women's Cup final after a 0-0 draw at Westleigh Park, instead focus was away from the pitch.

But Watson says the showing alone against a team of Pompey's quality should be enough to illustrate Moneys' worth of promotion.

He added: 'If you saw that performance (against Pompey), you saw those players, you see what amazing human beings they are.

‘What happens now? We go and win it again next year and then what? There’s nothing to prevent us this year (from promotion). The only things preventing us from going up this year are manufactured.

‘There’s no real sensible rhyme or reason.

‘The vultures are already circling around the players. There’s been a massively strong reaction from the players, I’ve had some messages of support from management all over the place so that’s been nice.

‘It’s not just us with sour grapes - everyone knows it’s run badly (the FA).'