Fans discuss Pompey's transfer policy

Kenny Jackett stated Pompey's one in, one out policy will remain in place for the upcoming January transfer window.

Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 4:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 4:06 pm
Michael Eisner, left, and Mark Catlin, right. Picture: Habibur Rahman

After Tornante’s takeover, the Blues owners stuck to the same budget set by fan ownership ahead of their arrival.

He said: ‘It has been stated that we are going to stick with the budget we have – and we are determined to be successful under those parameters.’

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On Facebook page Portsmouth FC – The News and fans have been debating if Pompey should continue with the same policy or if the club should release the purse strings.

Jamie Richardson has nailed his colours to the current protocol.

He said: ‘There’s always an argument for just spending a little bit more but we have to have learned lessons with previous owners.

‘I’m proud of the club for sticking to their plan and I want to see them invest any additional resources into building the club up through the academy and stadium etc.

‘That way our playing budget will increase sustainability over time.’

Charles Jenkins is also happy to stick with the transfer approach presently in place.

‘Very sensible approach given our recent history,’ he said.

‘I’m grateful to, firstly, the Trust, the presidents and all the shareholders in saving this wonderful and special club and getting it back on an even footing, both on and off the pitch – also to the Eisner family as new owners, who seem to have a very sensible, methodical approach, allowing Kenny to do his job.

‘Clearly the budget is workable in this division considering where we are at the moment. I never expected promotion this season.

‘I was happy to achieve a solid mid-table finish as our budget would seem to suggest, but I think we can punch above our weight as results so far have shown. Given the healthy position we are in at present, I think play-offs are achievable, but one step at a time.

‘Here’s to a safe and sustainable future under the custodianship of the Eisners, Mark Catlin and of course Kenny Jackett and his team.

‘Keep up the good work. Us fans will always back commitment and energy 100 per cent, both on and off the pitch.’

However, with the Blues sitting just outside of the play-offs in League One, some fans believe extra investment could help fire Jacket’s troops into the top six

Parrett Julian said: ‘It’s a difficult one. We are so near to being a promotion team so it would be perhaps justified to spend a little in January.’

Peter Walsh added: ‘It is difficult. Do we stick to the budget or not? To be honest, whilst I have advocated that we must stick to the budget, it is not a budget that will get us to the Championship and keep us there.

‘We are in a very good league position and getting to that position hasn’t easy.

‘We should look to buy 2-3 good players that might just get us a second promotion and who would ensure we could stay in the Championship. Opportunities to succeed in football don’t come easy or often.

‘I think, if there are two or three really decent players that we could get that would require a greater budget than we currently have, then Mr Eisner should loosen the purse strings.’