Hayling United: Why we voted to end Hampshire Premier League season via points-per-game basis

Hayling United manager Dan Bishop reckons any chance of finishing the Hampshire Premier League season is now 'done'.

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 2:32 pm
Hayling United (stripes) voted for points-per-game over the last two seasons to decide the Hampshire Premier League. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

But the Humbugs boss would be open to the idea of a knockout competition if the campaign is declared null and void.The grassroots game was given a boost with Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing organised outdoor sport could return from March 29 as part of the roadmap to easing nationwide coronavirus measures.But Bishop insisted that does provide a large enough window of opportunity for steps 3-6 and Regional Feeder Leagues - who haven't been granted a season extension until the end of June - to reach a conclusion at their respective levels.The Hayling boss, whose sixth-placed side have played 14 of 30 HPL Senior Division matches this term, has instead called for campaigns to be scrapped.And he would rather see a short knockout competition introduced in order to fill the space between now and the summer, or for clubs to just start fresh in pre-season.Bishop said: ‘For me, I don’t see the worth in restarting the season. If we can come back within some sort of time frame and give the lads some sort of knockout competition to give them something then fine, but I think the league is done.‘Come back properly, when we do have a proper pre-season, get people fit and ready, have the right procedures in place, be Covid secure and understand what we’re doing. Do it again properly, that’s my view on it.'If we’re going to come back then the priority absolutely needs to be the safety and well-being of everyone involved.‘I can’t see how a league can happen but we’ll do anything we’re presented with - we won’t moan, we’ll just get on with it.'The Hampshire Premier League consulted its 31 members club on how they wanted to see this season concluded.Bishop revealed the Humbugs were in favour of a points per game scenario being implemented over the past two seasons.The Hayling boss feels it's the only fair way to reward clubs for their 'hard work' and success on the pitch during that period.Bishop said: ‘We voted points per game and I’ve been fairly open on that.‘It’s unfair for the amount of hard work that people put in to not get some sort of reward, so that was my thinking on that at the time. I don’t think I’ve changed my mind on it.

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‘People should be rewarded.'