‘It rewards success’ – Moneyfields backing Project Non League’s radical proposal

Moneyfields have placed their backing behind the 'Project Non League' proposal.

Friday, 22nd January 2021, 4:52 pm
Moneyfields are backing the Project Non League proposal to combined results from 2019/20 and 2020/21. Picture: Duncan Shepherd

Chairman Pete Seiden reckons combining results from last season and this will at least provide top performing teams with some reward for their efforts.

'Project Non League' are pushing for the most successful clubs across steps three to six over the past two seasons to be granted promotion using a points-per-game methodology.

The proposal states there would be no relegation and it would also allow for the FA's planned league restructure to be implemented.

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Wessex League Division One US Portsmouth have unsurprisingly backed the 'Project Non League' plan to be employed by the authorities - they have the best record in their division on a points-per-game basis since the start of 2019/20.

Worthing have also backed the plan, as they have the best record at step 3 since the start of 2019/20.

But Southern League Moneyfields are also in favour of 'success rather than failure' being rewarded, even though they wouldn’t personally benefit if Project Non League’s proposals were sensationally adopted by the FA.

And bearing in mind last season’s results at steps 3-6 were null and voided by the governing body, adopting Project Non League would see a massive U-turn far greater than anything the Government have produced in recent months.

Seiden stressed using the 'Project Non League' method would prevent clubs protecting their own interests - although he is almost certain it'll be another 'null and void' season.

‘I hope they would do, what the suggestion I’ve read around is points per game over two seasons with promotions but no relegations,' said Seiden.

‘It rewards success, you won’t get people voting for null and void for their own protection against relegation and all the teams at the top get promoted - or, given the choice, can get promoted.

'They can restructure the leagues how they see fit then and away we go.

‘I think everyone would be motivated by that thinking ‘right, start again in September’, everyone knows what league they’re going to be in, the promoted teams who have done well over the past two years get rewarded and the teams who could go down get a free-hit - everyone’s a winner.

‘If I was a team over two years that had done really well and they null and voided again ... the problem they made they were too hasty last year null and voiding when it was 80 per cent done.

‘If you add them both together (the seasons), most teams wouldn’t have changed that much, so you’ve almost got one season - 80 per cent last season and 20 per cent this.

‘They should work out the points and the teams that want to go up are offered (the chance).

'If they don’t want to don’t force them, but you’re rewarding success - all null and void does is reward failure.'

All clubs at steps three to six were supplied a survey by the FA on how they would like to see the season finished.

But Seiden insisted teams should not have been consulted - instead the authorities should make the decision themselves.

And he suggested even if there was an option clubs were in agreement on, it still might not be used to determine how the campaigns were brought to a finish anyway.

Seiden added: ‘These people sit at the top of the FA, we look to them to make a decision, why do they keep asking people because they’re never going to get a straight answer as every club will vote for their own agenda.

‘I don’t get why we vote a panel in and they keep coming back to the questions.

‘I’d respect the FA if they just made a decision, whether I agree with it or not, they’re there to make the tough decisions and they don’t.

‘If they don’t like the result of that survey, it still wouldn’t happen.'