Jackett's warning over transfer targets

KENNY JACKETT warned Pompey can't wait too long to land their transfer targets.

Thursday, 19th July 2018, 5:51 pm
Updated Thursday, 19th July 2018, 5:58 pm
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett Picture: Joe Pepler

The Blues boss believes he's 'spinning plates' in his player hunt, but isn't prepared to leave his squad short by focusing too much effort on bringing in one player.

Jackett's words come with Pompey fearing Championship interest will emerge as they pursue Cheltenham's Mo Eisa.

The Blues have also been dealt a blow as they chase Newcastle's Sean Longstaff, with the Premier League side now wishing to keep the midfielder at St James' Park while they assess his future.

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Pompey boss Kenny Jackett Picture: Joe Pepler

Jackett is wary of the dangers of spending too long chasing a specific addition.

He said: '˜We'll see (how long Pompey wait for Eisa). We'll see what encouragement we get in any player. It's a key to recruitment (how long to wait for a player).

'˜Sometimes you can wait a long time for a certain player and then realise six months later that you never had a chance in the first place, or weren't as close as you think.

'˜Other people and other clubs have been in and are higher up the list.

'˜Keeping plates spinning is a term which is used, but it's an accurate term. It's used by clubs and potential players who want to transfer as well.

'˜At times you think you need some luck, but generally it's the old adage that the harder you work the luckier you get as well.

'˜Yes, you need a break sometimes. But if you are diligent, you're good and you've got the people behind you who will move quickly as well (you've got a good chance of getting targets).

'˜I spoke to Mark Catlin this morning and we agreed that when signings come off they do fall into place quickly.

'˜That's not everyone, there are exceptions to that, but that's generally the norm.'

The situation remains that Pompey can push the boat out to get their final summer additions, but competition remains fierce.

Jackett added: '˜If you have the money at the end to go blow people out of the water then fine. If not, you have to be clever. We definitely can (push the budget).

'˜At this stage we're looking for players who can really help us, take us forward and be key players in the team.

'˜But everyone is looking for good players, it's a competitive business and League One is a good competition.

'˜It can be the case (frustrating). Recruitment is like that, when you need to work for the 99 to get the one.

'˜While you're trying to work hard and improve within budget, you have to be a realist and pragmatist as well.'