Pompey fans discuss Michael Eisner's takeover bid

With the deadline for the Michael Eisner takeover vote ending later today, we got the opinions of two respected members in the for and against camp.

Friday, 19th May 2017, 2:07 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:04 pm
Michael Eisner and Breck Eisner. Picture: Neil Marshall

We also asked our Facebook followers what they think of the bid and there has been plenty of debate...

Dave Stevens - Men like Eisner do not walk through your door very often. I get the dream of club ownership and have friends who bought shares.

But the trust has done it’s job. It saved our club. Those that dug deep in their pockets and spent hours doing this will never be forgotten. All the fans are indebted to those people as we still have our club.

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It’s time to move on and if we turn these people away he and others will not come back. If he gets blocked others will assume the same will happen.

Whatever happens, we should support the outcome and as the best supporters in the land of course this will happen.

Justin Stacey - As much as I would love the club to stay under fan ownership, I just think the problem is the capacity of Fratton Park, If it held 25-28,000, I’d think we would have a real good chance of competing,even in the championship.

But 18,000 is just too small and the other problem being if we did stay under fan ownership and got promoted again what then?

Its alright saying we will sell then, but what if there’s no-one interested?

Or some idiot that’s not like Eisner wants to buy us? At some point we WILL need to sell, so the million dollar question is; do we sell to the right person when we don’t need them, or the wrong person when we do?

Michael Stephenson - If I were honest I have reservation about the takeover. And believe me after 65 years of supporting Pompey I have seen so much. But equally honestly it has to be done. We NEED the money we really do.

Jason’dimples Compton - We will never see a better opportunity than this to help out club. We’ve done the surviving bit, now let’s thrive

Richard Price - I would be against if it wasn’t for the fact we need to fund £5m (estimate) in five years.

Then what? They’ll be more money needed before the five years are up and the fans can’t do that, and I don’t believe it is fair to ask them.

Everyone is finding money hard to come by at the moment and not fair to play on their emotions of the club to raise money.

If Eisner plunges us with debt we die but I’m not sure that we wouldn’t without him as the debts appear to be mounting very quickly.

Matt Read - We need the guy the fact we are losing players to the likes of Mansfield says it all. He wouldn’t be so high up in a company like Disney if he was dodgy. If we want to compete then we need the ownership and personally I think we need to bite his hand off and move to the next level.

Graeme Collins - Get him in, genuine bloke. Came to the Shepperds Crook and shook everyone’s hand.

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