Pompey talisman knows you can't please 'em all

There's just no pleasing some fans.

Sunday, 11th December 2016, 2:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 6:47 pm
Gary Roberts. Picture: Joe Pepler

Gary Roberts knows that will always be the case.

And Pompey’s talisman admitted he’s aware that’s so because he’s in exactly the same boat. Roberts can see the perspective of those who have chosen to berate Paul Cook’s side this season.

The 32-year-old is a born and bred Scouser and hardcore Everton fan.

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And following his side takes him down the same path as those Blues fans who loudly air their views over Pompey’s player selection and formation.

Roberts accepted that will be the case because it’s part of football.

And that, in his view, is what makes it the beautiful game it is.

Roberts said: ‘If we’d scored the most goals in the division people would still be on about the formation.

‘You never, ever please some fans.

‘That’s at every club, not just our club.

‘You’ll have clubs all over the country saying different things.

‘Some will say they want one up front and to dominate the ball.

‘Some will want two up front and to play long ball.

‘You’ll never, ever please everyone. That’s just football. That’s why it’s the best game in the world.

‘You can debate over every single position and every single player.

‘He should be playing or he should be playing. He should be playing with him up front.

‘I’m the same with Everton. I’m a fan myself and think that player should be playing. I’m just the same.’

It’s been another tumultuous season for Pompey fans with high points quickly followed by disappointment.

That’s been summed up perfectly by the past two outings, with success at promotion rivals Luton followed by a low when defeat arrived at home to Stevenage.

The Borough loss saw an outpouring of frustration by supporters in the game’s aftermath.

Roberts assured fans they are sentiments echoed by the Blues players.

And Roberts feels the agony and ecstasy as keenly as anyone.

He said: ‘I go home Saturday after a loss and I’m not happy. It changes my life.

‘It changes my life for a week when we get a win. It makes your week.

‘That’s football – and that’s why we all love it.

‘If you get beat it’s a bad week. It’s a bad week for the family because I’m down.

It’s all of our lives, believe me.

‘Before I was a professional I woke up on a Saturday to watch the football.

‘Sometimes you have a bad week at work – and you can hear those ones at a game!

‘It defines people’s weeks the result.

‘Everyone is the same and there’s a lot of fans here.

‘That’s why we get a little bit more pressure.’