Pompey: We won't scrap programmes

POMPEY have pledged to continue producing a match-day programme, despite proposals to scrap them.

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 8:21 am
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 8:27 am
Pompey chief executive Mark Catlin

At next month’s Football League AGM, clubs will be asked to vote on removing the obligation to produce the publication.

As it stands, it is mandatory to create a programme for every home fixture.

However, declining sales have left some clubs reporting losses.

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Mark Catlin is currently unsure how Pompey will vote on the issue.

Regardless, he is adamant the Blues’ match-day publication remains profitable and will continue being produced.

Pompey’s chief executive said: ‘What the EFL are saying is, should there be an obligation to produce the match-day programmes?

‘For a club like ours, which sells quite a lot of programmes, we are going to keep doing them.

‘But for some of the smaller clubs who have minimum print runs and don’t get the gates, should there be an obligation for them to have to produce a match-day programme?

‘It takes a lot to put together the programme in regards to editorial content and getting the pictures, with some clubs actually losing money in the process.

‘I just think the way print media is going generally, should there be an obligation to force clubs to produce a match-day programme when you can now get all the content pretty much online?

‘There are clubs out there losing money. I know programme sales generally are declining, so do you keep forcing clubs to produce a loss-making product?

‘It’s not something I have really thought about that much. I will have a chat with our owners and see what we think and decide which way to vote on it.

‘But, at this moment in time, there is absolutely no issue with Pompey.

‘With our manpower and the amount we sell, it’s not an issue for us. So obligation or not, we will be producing a match-day programme for the foreseeable future.

‘This is aimed at clubs not hitting numbers, not ourselves.’

A statement released by the Football League stated: ‘A number of clubs have asked the EFL if the mandatory publication of a match-day programme can be addressed as a result of an overall decline in sales and the proliferation of digital and social media, which has the ability to deliver the same content in a more cost-effective manner.’