Portsmouth boss marks completing recruitment with squad challenge

Kenny Jackett saluted his Pompey squad and told fans: Now we have to make you believe.

Friday, 31st August 2018, 8:59 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

The Wolves striker becomes the Blues' 10th player through the door and takes the last place in a 25-man first-team squad.

Jackett likes the look of the depth and power of his options, but knows it's now time for his men to walk the walk.

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He said: '˜We want that to be the case (the signings will make the difference).

'˜If you look across our front line, we have no injuries and you can't guarantee that will be the case all the way through the season, but I do feel we have some depth, cover and some competition. Also in our forward line we also have some real pace.

'˜We needed to be thicker on numbers than last season. It's a balancing act to work with the players you have but also improve.

'˜Squad planning through the summer is so vital. If you don't do it well you're fighting fires during the season.

'˜You work on team spirit and squad planning through the summer months, and hopefully they look after you through the winter.

'˜We'll see when the season develops, but we're pleased with the business we've done.

'˜Now it's up to us and myself most importantly to get our heads down, earn it, prove it and work at it.

'˜That's what we have to do. It won't just happen. We'll have to work at it. We have a strong squad, some good team spirit and competition.

'˜It's up to us to now to work, earn and make everyone believe we can have a successful season.'

Jackett admitted he didn't anticipate making as many signings as he has, but adding competition was necessary.

He added: '˜Maybe I didn't (think there'd be so many signings). But as we've gone along we've been able to distribute our budget to maybe have a few more than last year. I felt we needed that, even in terms of competition and the standard of training. It's a big thing.

'˜The higher the level of training, the higher the standards go and the more compeition there is.

'˜We're pleased we've been able to distribute the budget.

'˜Sometimes we've had to wait for one or two, but after that the proof will be in the pudding in terms of performances for the season.

'˜There's been some promise at the start, no more than that, but it's a big challenge. It's up to us now the window's shut to do the job for Portsmouth.'