Future of Portsmouth boss Kenny Jackett called into question as fans demand changes at Fratton Park

Kenny Jackett’s Pompey future is the centre of debate on social media, with many Blues fans on Twitter demanding an immediate change in manager.

Saturday, 6th March 2021, 6:32 pm
Updated Saturday, 6th March 2021, 6:36 pm

The Fratton Park boss has seen his detractors grow during his near four years in charge.

But they appear to have reached new heights after Pompey’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Northampton today.

The Blues lost 4-1 against a team with the worst scoring record in the division.

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And to make matters worse, all four goals game in the first half, with the visitors out of the contest before half-time.

Substitute Ellis Harrison scored from the penalty spot to help claw some dignity back.

However, it came nowhere near to restoring the damage done.

And that’s reflected on social media, with large sections of the Fratton faithful on the platform calling for a change in manager to help rectify the current plight.

Pompey boss Kenny Jackett at today's game at Northampton

The Blues now sit sixth in the table – two points above Accrington and Ipswich, who both have a game in hand – and 10 points behind second-placed Peterborough.

Here’s a selection of the views expressed on Twitter by Pompey fans.

@titch120408: There is no pride anymore no performance on the pitch.

The fans are still behind the players but appears neither fans or players want to play for Jacket anymore.

Fraser Horsfall scores Northampton's third goal at Sixfields. Picture: Dennis Goodwin

@AndrewPopham: I’ve stuck by KJ for a lot longer than other people but now a change seems inevitable.

It’s so toxic within the fan base.

Why not offer Eddie Howe a way back into football by offering him the job until the end of the season and then re appraise the situation.

@JimmyPurnell: If the man had any decency about him he would walk.

@TomHaustead: At this point, if you don’t act now you are making yourselves look incompetent.

Not a good look when you will be looking to sell tickets for next year.

A new manager could reinvigorate us and we could yet make a playoff charge. Ball is in your court.

@Willfrattonpark: The way we progress from here now is get rid of Jackett right now.

@Paul_D1963: Shocking result today. Something has to change.

@jmcclaf: With the current set up there is only one way we are going and that's downward!

Clear that the players are not playing for the manager, for whatever reason.

Time for Kenny to walk, or be sacked (sadly I doubt either will happen!)

@rik_may: Gardening leave, get someone in short term, players need leaders and fresh ideas, all week been thinking about were saying too much.

@ChillandBill1: Until recently I've defended Jacket, but now he has to go.

We've been awful for a long time now. Jacket, do the decent thing. Can we get Eddie Howe?

@8WeekBloodSugar: Disgraceful first half. Second half the game was already lost.

Don’t want to hear Jackett saying we were better in the 2nd half. Time’s up for Jackett. He’s had long enough.

@Samhayward215: Give it to Hermann and Jamo until the end of the season! At least they got some passion

@CheeesyChips: If he’s not sacked tonight then that 100% confirms the Eisners’ intentions for the rest of the season, we will not make the play-offs under Jackett,

@princent_vice: He has to go. Surely?

@Aaron25650310: Simple, get jackett out and that defence job done

Come on then #pompey what you gonna do...

@FookingEll: Where's the statement then?

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