Here's what Portsmouth, Sunderland and Peterborough fans are saying about extending play-offs

Supporters of Pompey, Sunderland and Peterborough have been having their say on the idea of an extended play-offs and points per game deciding final League One positions. Here’s a selection of those views.

If they’re going to start deciding teams lower down the table should be invited, then surely they shouldn’t be allowing Cov and Rotherham up automatically? This is how daft it’s going to get .


Common sense (potentially) prevails


Why would any of the 4 sides in the playoffs under PPG vote to expand it? Only Sunderland and Posh would do that.


High time they started weeding some of the really impractical options out, as it's been going on for weeks!. :-( As it's making some of these other idiots look really arrogant & selfish now, isn't it?!. Especially the one who actually instigated all this in the first place, I hasten to add!

Peterborough owner Darragh MacAnthony, left, and director of football Barry Fry. MacAnthony has suggested extending the play-offs

Cath Absolom

Absolutely crazy idea.

David Tiller

The 8 team play offs sounds a great idea until you realise you’re a @SunderlandAFC fan and they have a full on history of being bottle jobs when it comes to the crunch #SAFC


#SAFC not happy about the league not playing all of its games is fair enough as we're close to the play offs.

But Parky has somehow got us into a worse position than we were when he took over. We don't deserve to go up. Total embarrassment. Clubs around us with games in hand too·


I think play offs for teams 3 to 8 is fair. 3rd and 4th get a bye for the first games.

Match A)Fleetwood v Wycombe

Match B)Peterborough v Sunderland

Oxford v Winner of match B

Portsmouth v WInner of match A

Then the Play off final



PPG would mean Posh don't get playoffs, essentially being punished for having played our most difficult games already. Latest numbers show 10 clubs potentially may play games, only needs 2 more....


Defo had a chance with 5 winnable home games, 2 relegation threatened teams away and dodgy Sunderland away. As long as there play offs or playable tournament posh will be happy


@wwfcofficial will take our place in the play offs as they have more PPG. As much as I want us to have a chance at promotion, I can't see how we should be in the play offs if Wycombe aren't. Same for the bottom. Current bottom 3 should be down.


With greatest respect as a Posh fan, we had a decent season and expect a strong finish. Feel a little sorry for ourselves as the club to miss out. Oxford chairman would be doing the same if roles were reversed. Good luck in the playoffs.