How Paul Cook and Michael Doyle helped Cameron McGeehan recover from his Portsmouth agony

Paul Cook rang with his best wishes, Michael Doyle called to apologise, while there were texts of support sent from Pompey’s physio.

Thursday, 9th January 2020, 5:30 pm
Updated Thursday, 9th January 2020, 6:29 pm

The football family gathered around a stricken Cameron McGeehan.

The Luton midfielder had broken his left leg at Fratton Park, a first-half incident which also saw the youngster stoke up ire among the Pompey faithful.

Certainly, many of Blues persuasion struggled to find sympathy for the distraught midfielder on that January 2017 afternoon.

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The extent of McGeehan’s injury was, of course, unknown to spectators, yet his emotional explosion, involving beating the ground in front of stretcher bearers, was not well received.

On Saturday, three years later, he finds himself back at Fratton Park – and lined-up for a Pompey debut against AFC Wimbledon.

McGeehan said: ‘What happened was never in my thinking when making a decision to come here, it almost makes me want to come here more.

Referee Tim Robinson booked Cameron McGeehan for 'inciting the crowd' following the breaking of his leg at Fratton Park in January 2017

‘On that day, the physio said the leg was broken, that’s when I started smashing the ground – and the fans went even more mental.

‘No-one knew how bad it was at the time, while the ref booked me for inciting the crowd by smashing the ground.

‘The medical teams were very good with me, I didn’t say anything to them like rumours claim.

‘Afterwards I received quite a few letters from Pompey fans, saying sorry because they didn’t realise how serious it was. I wrote back to a few.

‘Paul Cook rang, while Pompey’s physio at the time messaged me and kept in touch.

‘Michael Doyle also rang. At the time I thought it (the tackle) was a bit naughty, but looking back it was one of those things. He apologised and we had a good chat, no hard feelings.

‘Serious injuries happen, they are part of the game. It was one of those things I look back on and smile.’

McGeehan has played approaching 100 games since that injury, firmly putting the painful moment behind him.

He added: ‘There is a plate in there now and I have had absolutely no problems.

‘I was out for six months and Barnsley bought me in the meantime, getting me cheaper than they might have, so they were happy!’