'Not good enough... Never played system that suited him... We'll regret this' - How Portsmouth fans have reacted ex-Doncaster and Millwall striker John Marquis' potential move to Lincoln

Pompey fans have been voicing their opinions on John Marquis’ potential move to Lincoln.

By Sam Cox
Monday, 17th January 2022, 7:15 pm

And it’s a switch that has sparked varying reactions from the Fratton faithful.

The 29-year-old has often split opinion between fans during his time with the Blues.

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Many grew frustrated with his lack of consistent goals.

Others, meanwhile, believe neither Kenny Jackett or Danny Cowley found the best way to utilise the forward who scored 26 goals for Doncaster during the 2018-19 season prior to his £1m move to the south coast.

Here’s how Blues fans responded to the news on Facebook.

Keith Hall: Hope he goes somewhere and gets played to his strengths.

John Marquis is poised to depart Pompey this month after holding talks with Lincoln Picture: Dennis Goodwin

He’s spent 3 years with his back to goal holding up and running channels.

Not his game but without a doubt it’s a good move for both.

We need some fresh forwards and he needs the move just as much to rebuild his confidence.

Aaron Grimble: Marquis & Harrison simply not good enough so glad.

Just hope we manage to sign a permanent & maybe a loan to bolster attacking options.

Mark Harvey: Players come and players go.

All the time he was here we never played a system that would have got the best out of him. If he goes I wish him well.

Pete Davies: I’ve never been so desperate to see the back of a striker since Ellis Harrison.

Cath Absolom: Think if we're being realistic, that was always going to happen at some point as he's out of contract at the end of the season anyway.

So at least we'll hopefully receive some financial benefit now, I suppose.

Harry Wood: When Marquis came in, Pompey fa,ns including myself, were like finally we've spent some money.

But when he got going it was a waste of money.

I think it's best for everyone that he moves on, still wish him all the best though.

Get all the Jackett deadwood out and let Cowley bring in players he sees fit, then I think we'll have a decent team again hopefully.

Karl Westlake: We will regret this, if anyone comes in it will be on loan and I don’t see an improvement.

Adrian Leeworthy: Great move by the club, he just can’t play for us.

Or we don’t play the way needs to score 30 a season!

Let’s hope there’s a big name incoming! Has to be a clear plan letting these players go!

Phil Tanner: We’ve very, very rarely played to the boy’s strengths and over time his confidence has been ebbed away, that normally means getting a move for a change of setting with a new challenge.

He was on fire at Doncaster and in reality shouldn’t have left but back then we were a draw for most players.

No one player is bigger than the club and that will always be the truth.

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