How Pompey fans have reacted to news Blues are actively seeking replacements for Naylor, Whatmough, Close and Williams

Pompey fans on social media have been reacting to news that the Blues are now seeking to replace Jack Whatmough, Ben Close, Ryan Williams and Tom Naylor.

By Mark McMahon
Monday, 24th May 2021, 5:45 pm

Chief executive Mark Catlin insists the Fratton Park door hasn’t been closed on the out-of-contract quartet.

But more than two weeks after the final League One match and with none of them yet to sign, the outgoing club chief executive has revealed Pompey are now moving on.

Here's what fans on our Facebook page have had to say on the subject...

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Chris Pompey FC: Not bothered about Williams, Close or Naylor.

It’s a shame about Jack but if he can do better fair play, I would do the same if we have offered him less.

I just hope we aren't cutting our nose of to spite our face. How much will it cost to get a replacement of the same standard or better?

One day some good news may come out of the club for a change.

Midfielder Ben Close was offered a new two-year deal on reduced terms by Pompey

Jolyon Roberts: There’s a well known phrase for this approach ‘Throwing the baby out with the bathwater’.

Change is required but too much change is destabilising.

George Andrew Slatcher: That’s exactly what I wanted to be honest. Look, they simply haven’t been good enough.

Jack was the only one that I might have wanted cause he’s a Pompey boy, but tbh he was TERRIBLE this season, clutching at straws IMO.

We all asked for a complete clear out, my god that is exactly what we are getting.

I have got to say I absolutely love it!!

Jake Meyers: Good! Not interested in keeping any of those, let the rebuild commence!

Michael Cox: Good get shot. If players are not prepared to bend a little given the climate we have been through then they are no good to us.

So as far as I’m concerned, good riddance.

And before they bugger off with their snotty little noses in the air they won't get better anywhere else, and the grass is not always greener on the other side.

It was stated at the end of the season by all concerned, there will be a mass clear out. So to sign new blood we have to sell to buy.

Lorraine Wells: If we lose Jack that will be really poor business!

Barrie Jenkins: Absolutely correct, time to move on and best of luck to those wanting better deals elsewhere.

Marcus Dovahkiin Deakins: Hope the board follow them out the door.

Changes were needed but starting again from scratch will be counterproductive. Look what happened last time we started the season with a squad built completely from scratch.

It'll take at least half the season for a new squad to gel. Then we will inevitably have to make changes in January.

It'll be easter by the time the new additions settle in, and we will have wasted a whole season.

Then we will probably lose any decent players we have managed to find in the national league, and we will need to rebuild again.

Hugh Skilling: Other than Jack. Who on earth would pay the other three more money. Average at best.