It's official - David James is unofficially crowned Portsmouth best-loved goalkeeper of all time

Aren’t international breaks awful?

By steve.bone
Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 2:26 pm

Unless you’re lucky enough to follow a team who play through them, these unnecessary interruptions to the domestic campaign ruin the whole flow of the season.

Especially when you’ve just hammered Sunderland 4-0.

I maintain that international fixtures should be kept to a minimum and only ever played on Wednesday nights, with highlights on Sportsnight and a full league programme continuing before and after.

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In the meantime I hope everyone is grateful for some absorbing Pompey polls to keep us all occupied.

I heartily recommend the one ongoing on Twitter run by ‘Forgotten Pompey Goals’ which is asking us to choose our favourite Blues strike out of 64 selected.

It’s agony – for example, how can we pick from Patrik Berger’s wonder-goal at Charlton and Shaggy Anderton’s FA Cup semi finish?

My own Pompey polls – also on Twitter (@stevebone1) – are now under way and David James has been crowned your best-loved Pompey keeper, defying the odds that had Alan Knight down as pre-vote favourite.

David James has been unofficially named Pompey's favourite goalkeeper. Picture: Phil Cole/Getty Images

For the record, those two giants of Pompey’s recent past were drawn to face each other in the last eight, and Jamo won with 64.1 per cent of 630 votes.

In other quarters, Shaka Hislop beat Norman Uprichard, Craig MacGillivray defeated Ernie Butler and Aaron Flahavan beat John Milkins.

In the semis, Shaka defeated Craig Mac and Jamo beat Flav – both results were resounding.

And it was also a clear result in the final, with Jamo taking 80.9 per cent of 298 votes.

Thanks to all who voted; now prep begins on the ‘who’s your favourite Pompey defender? poll.

Contenders will include Jimmy Dickinson, Noel Blake and Linvoy Primus – plus 13 others.