'Jackett's lost the dressing room... simply rubbish' - Portsmouth fans react to 2-1 defeat against Wigan

Pompey fans have taken to social media following Pompey’s 2-1 home defeat at the hands of Wigan.
Pompey boss Kenny JackettPompey boss Kenny Jackett
Pompey boss Kenny Jackett

And once more Kenny Jackett’s future is at the core of views shared, with supporters ramping up their calls for a change in manager.

Substitute Ellis Harrison gave Pompey hope when he fired home on 89 minutes.

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But the damage was already done, with Lee Evans’ 39th-minute opener and Tom James’ 59th-minute free-kick handing the visitors their first win of the season.

The Blues are still waiting on their maiden league win and sit 21st in the table as a result of today's defeat.

The Fratton faithful are far from happy, and that’s reflective in the messages posted on social media after today’s final whistle.

Here’s a selection of the views shared...

@andrewdarkperry: He's lost the dressing room. For pity's sake put an end to this. Listen to all the commentators - they are all saying the same thing.

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@Limmy05: That was soooooooo bad. No patterns no cohesion nothing!!!!!! What have they done during pre-season. Simply rubbish.

Nearly every player Jacket has got rid off would walk into this team ...... Naismith !! Hawkins !! Pitman !! Rose !! Chaplin !! Roberts !!

@Mike50618589: 1st loss since last April at fortress Fratton....don’t worry though ...the board think this is the manager to get us to the championship....NO CHANCE

@mikeythomas2017: Time to go Kenny & Joe. Boring football is fine when you’re winning but we ain’t! Lost the fans months ago but the players ain’t playing for you now. Shambles.

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@ryanstray1996: I'm sorry unless Jackett leaves I'm not renewing my season ticket next season I can't watch this poor football anymore.

@chrisha73699484: Nothing to be surprised about, players not playing for the manager. Get him out.

@barnard_mr: @Pompey Should count yourselves lucky that fans weren’t allowed back in today.

@oscarjpearson: First time I’m saying it because I’ve always respected him, but that’s enough. KJ has to go. This weekend. PUP.

@GregAdampfc: Losing to a team in dire straits, enough is enough, he's lost the players & fans.

@beiderbecks: How much more of Jackett do we have to put up with?