Portsmouth nostalgia: Present century favourites in view at last

This column has often been accused of being ‘so last century’ but I am about to prove that wrong as I move seamlessly into the 2000s in my run through four decades of Pompey matches, in particular ones we have cause to remember.

By Steve Bone
Thursday, 1st July 2021, 7:30 pm
Pedro Mendes scores his 90th-minute winner against Manchester City in March 2006
Pedro Mendes scores his 90th-minute winner against Manchester City in March 2006

But before we start to explore the prosperous, tumultuous 2000-2010 period, there’s a last nod to the 90s from Ant Coombes.

To summarise, I have just completed my 40th season of watching the Blues and have picked out one game from each season (not the obvious ones) that I still recall quite vividly.

I’ve been asking you to do the same and Ant, a regular responder to my topics, came up with a list of 10 games from the 90s which, intriguingly, come without an explanation for them.

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They are: 90/91 - Bournemouth H 5-1; 91/92 - Liverpool SF 1-1; 92/93 - Leicester H 1-1; 93/94 - Blackburn H 1-3; 94/95 - Everton H 1-1; 95/96 - That Lot A 0-3; 96/97 - Barnsley H 4-2; 97/98 - Man City A 2-2; 98/99 - Swindon H 5-2;99/00 - Walsall H 5-1.

I’m fascinated as to why the 1996 FA Cup defeat at the Dingly Dell should be in anyone’s list but otherwise it's a solid collection, though I must say I have no recollection of the draw with Leicester in 92-93.

And so to the 2000s. Here is my one-game-a-season selection for the first decade of the new millennium: 2000-01: Sheff Wed H 2-1 (Steve C’s first game as player boss); 01-02 Palace H 4-2 (Prosi masterclass); 02-03 a 3-2 win v Walsall (a day after my mum's funeral); 03-04 beating Bolton 4-0; 04-05 1-0 victory at Bolton after Harry walked out; 05-06 Mendeeeesssss!!; 06-07 1-0 at home to Wigan, last game I went to with my sister; 07-08 7-4 v Reading; 08-09 - 2-0 at home to Vitoria Guimares; 09-10 - Cup QF win v Brum.

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