Portsmouth hall of famer Alan McLoughlin reveals ongoing cancer battle

Pompey great Alan McLoughlin has detailed his ongoing cancer battle.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 11:03 am
Updated Thursday, 25th March 2021, 11:10 am
Alan McLoughlin
Alan McLoughlin

The Blues hall of famer and Republic of Ireland international has spoken of his battle with the disease, which has seen him hospitalised in recent weeks to undergo treatment.

The 53-year-old was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2012, but fought back after a tumour was successfully removed.

But after spreading to his remaining kidney in 2019, McLoughlin has explained a tumour has grown in his vertebrae leading to him being rushed into hospital three weeks ago.

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Alan McLoughlin celebrates a Pompey goal

The man who made 309 first-team appearances and later coached both the academy and first team, has released a statement this morning explaining he is now back home as faces his latest challenge head on.

That has seen McLoughlin flooded with messages of support from the Pompey community and across the football world.

The statement from McLoughlin said: ‘In light of questions about my situation, and some incorrect information being circulated, I feel it necessary to clarify some of my circumstances.

‘I am currently living with renal cell carcinoma.

‘It is probably best to briefly explain the sequence of events.

‘I was first diagnosed with a kidney tumour in September 2012, as was publicised at the time. That was removed, and I then went on a drug trial, although they didn’t find enough evidence that the trial was successful.

‘In November 2019, I was given more bad news, that the cancer had spread to my remaining kidney, into my chest wall and my lung. I underwent immunotherapy that unfortunately didn’t work, and I was in hospital several days due to side effects that affected my kidney.

‘That did get resolved, and I started taking another drug, a once-a-day tablet called Cabozantinib.

‘This had a positive effect, as all three tumours were shrinking. I went for a scan in January 2021, and things looked stable.

‘Unfortunately, the scan didn’t go beyond my thorax, so it missed a tumour growing in my vertebrae. It was only when I began to feel a pinched nerve in my shoulder that I realised there was another issue. I ended up being rushed to hospital in Swindon with a fractured neck, as the tumour had caused my vertebrae to crumble. Three weeks ago, I had an operation in John Radcliffe Hospital to try and take out as much of the tumour as possible, and to build a cage to support my neck.

‘That was successful and I am currently back home, about to go on radiotherapy treatment for my neck as well as a new programme of medication.

‘So I hope that goes well.

‘Thanks for your time, as I just wanted to clarify my circumstances. I would appreciate it if my privacy could be respected in the meantime, but I will be available to speak again in due course.’