Ronan Curtis: I cannot see Portsmouth's League One season resuming

Ronan Curtis is doubtful Pompey’s League One campaign will resume.

Wednesday, 6th May 2020, 7:00 am
Ronan Curtis has doubts whether Pompey's League One campaign will resume. Picture: Graham Hunt/ProSportsImages/PinP

Although the Premier League are limbering up for a return to action in the foreseeable future, there remain concerns the Football League will be able to keep pace.

The fourth-placed Blues have nine league fixtures remaining – plus what is likely to be at least two play-off games.

Yet Curtis concedes time is running out, with it looking increasingly unlikely Pompey’s season will get up and running.

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The Republic of Ireland international returned to the south coast on Saturday following a month back in his native Donegal.

But there is still no sign of Pompey returning to training – and he fears the season now faces being scrapped.

He said: ‘We are footballers and want to be doing what we do best, but all you can do is wait.

‘We can all have our own opinions, we just have to wait to hear what Boris Johnson says on Sunday with his lockdown speech and plans.

‘Personally, in my own eyes, I can’t see us going back. We have been off almost two months. It’s not getting any shorter, but we still have at least nine league games to play.

‘As footballers, we are worried about this. Look at how many people have died, it’s your health, it's dangerous.

‘Of course you should be cautious. Obviously we want it to go away and that can take time, you have to wait.

‘We would love to be back playing, but there’s different stuff going about.

‘Don’t forget you are still on the pitch with 11 different people, you are going to come across them, put your hands on them. It is dangerous, this virus is in the air and you can catch it.

‘I can't see the season going back, but at the same time it needs to go back.

‘What about the Premier League? There are people in relegation battles, people in promotion battles, it’s hard. God knows what is going to happen,

‘We just have to wait for others to come up with a plan.’

Curtis is now back in his Old Portsmouth home and this weekend returned to Pompey’s training ground to work on his own.

And, in addition to doubts over this season resuming, there are concerns about when next term will kick-off.

He added: ‘Going into pre-season in July and starting the season in August would be tough, especially in League One, League Two and the Championship, because each league has 46 games plus the cups.

‘I did it myself when I first came over from Derry, it hit me by surprise. The first couple of months was good, I was flying, and then I was blown out because I had too many games.

‘That could happen again – and that's when injuries occur and stuff like that.

‘We don’t know what is going to happen, we’re just waiting to hear back. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get back.’